Security Staffing, Equipment and Procedures

  • Security officers cover both day-time and evening shifts as well as scheduled weekend events.

    Each school building has a staffed fixed entry point as well as roving foot patrols. All officers are connected via two-way radios.

    1. Technical capabilities include, but are not limited to:
    2. Interior and exterior surveillance cameras that provide live feeds to fixed entry point monitoring stations.
    3. Wired door ajar systems; motion detectors, wireless panic alarm system all integrated into new comprehensive burglary alarm system; SmartKey entry system, two-way hand held radios.
    4. Visitor Management System checks driver licenses for sex offenders, custodial authorization, and orders of protection; issues approved visitor passes with photos.
    5. Remote exterior door access control with video capabilities.

    Although our Visitor Management System restricts access to our buildings and students through notification supplied by legal agencies, parents are asked to provide the school district with pertinent court documentation, including orders of protection, refrain from, or stay away papers. All such information will be handled in a discrete, confidential manner on a need-to-know basis.

    The school district’s security staff trains staff and students in safety procedures through a comprehensive schedule of fire drills, lock-out and lock-down drills, and other activities. All safety and security response action protocols are coordinated with the Southampton police, fire, and ambulance departments.